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Our team and philosophy

Photo équipe 2021.jpg

The team is composed of nine experienced people. At the Haras de Pierrepont, the welfare and adapted cares we provide for each specific horse ensure the quality of their future racing career.

We have been working with trusted and famous partners for many years: the equine Clinic of Bayeux, farriers, osteopaths, breakers, trainers, and pretrainers.

We select the best feed and fodder: if straw is produced in, hay is produced out of the stud farm in order to bring intake nutrients. Crushed grains are delivered each week for optimum freshness.

Horses enjoy rich pastures all year long thanks to meticulous management such as rotation, mixed grazing (cattle/horses), and regular soil analysis. We also produce our own natural fertilizer with manure originating from the stud itself as well as the anaerobic digestion process from our neighbours’ farm.

Each choice is made with horses and environment in mind:

  • Deworming treatments are delivered after coprostopic examination only.

  • The hedges surrounding the stud are regularly renewed for future generations.


Ecuries de Gruchy
Petit paddock
Boxes Gruchy
  • 12 foaling boxes

  • 80 loose boxes (included sanitary boxes)

  • 2 gynaecological care units

  • Several paddocks for recovering horses

  • 2 two-horseboxes

  • All fields are equipped by automatic waterers, secured by three-rail fences and hedges

  • 2 houses (24-hour surveillance)

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